Soap Selling Ideas

Are you ready for some soap selling ideas? You've spent a ton of time creating, blending, tweaking, remaking and perfecting your products and now you're ready to sell them. Now what? Where do you start?

Below you will find a few things that you may need to think about and do before you sell your products. You will also find some suggestions on how and where to sell.

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Start a Soap Making Business

You've perfected your product and you're looking for ways to sell your soaps, but wait! Your first step is to set up a business. Check out what steps you need to take when setting up a Soap Making Business.

Handmade soaps

Build Your Brand

When you Build Your Brand, you create a unified, cohesive 'look and feel' for your business and products. This is an important step when it comes to selling your soap. It will make you instantly recognizable to your customers which will make it much easier to implement your selling ideas.

Build a Website

In this day and age, we all like to 'Google' everything. What better way to let the world know who you are and what you do than by building a website.

Even if you do not sell your products directly from your site, your page can still act as a landing place that directs your customers to you, whether it's to your Etsy site, Facebook page, Pinterest page, etc. It can also provide information about where your next show locations are or which stores to purchase your products at.

Join On-Line Markets

A great soap selling idea is to set up shop in an on-line shopping mall such as Etsy, Artfire or Ebay. These venues are great. For very little money, you can set up an on-line store to showcase all of your wonderful products. They are quite easy to use and have tutorials to help you through the process.

Retail Your Products

Join your local Farmer's Market and sell your products there. You will likely have to start as a drop in and work your way up to a regular but they are inexpensive to do and provide you with a lot of flexibility. 

Try entering Christmas Craft Fairs, summer festivals and local community events. These venues will get you out there, give you practice peddling your wares and start to get you recognized.

Hold a Spa Party

Here are a couple of really great soap selling ideas...Spa in a Box Party and Make Your Own Spa Products Party. These would be a great way to market your products and really get to know your customers.

Wholesale Your Products

Once you have your business rolling, you may want to look at wholesaling your products. This option is one to look at carefully, since you will have to sell your product at about half of what you would normally.

This is a viable option because you will be trading the time you spend on selling your products to the consumer and turning it into time spent on creating. If you can get your production to a point where it is possible to sell 'on mass' at a reduced rate, then you are ready to try wholesale.

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