Soap Packaging Ideas

Are you in need of soap packaging ideas?

You've made your lovely soaps and now they sit there....naked....bare for all the world to see! What next? Should they be elaborately dressed in silk and all manor of things elegant? Or would a modest look be more appropriate?

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With the vast array of packaging and wrapping options available, you shouldn't have any trouble coming up with some creative packaging ideas. The only trouble will be trying to decide which one to use.

Packaging your soaps can accomplish many things.

If you plan on selling your soaps, labels provide an area for listing ingredients and displaying information about your product and company.

Many countries either require this to be done already or are heading in that direction.

For more information visit Health Canada or US Food and Drug Administration.

Even if you just give away your soaps, it's not a bad idea to list the never know what people are allergic to.

Soap packaging idea by Nikki Hoefer on Soap Making Essentials

Your soap packaging can also help to create an overall look or 'brand' for your products making them instantly recognizable as yours.

Wrappings keep the soaps clean and can help to protect them from deterioration due to environmental elements.

And my favorite reason for wrapping up looks great and can be such fun to do! Check out the ideas listed below to see what I mean....this will be an ongoing page so check back often for new ideas.

If you have any awesome pictures of your soap packaging ideas and would like to have it added to this page along with a link to your Blog or shop, just send it to me using the Submit Questions form.

Simple supplies like parchment paper and self adhesive ribbon make this soap wrapping idea super easy.

Amber's Ambry Soaps
Amber's Ambry uses simple yet effective packaging supplies here...postal wrapping paper, brown labels and colourful twine.

Zigwicks Handmade Soap
Zigwicks added a little 'spice' to her soap wrapping.

Pillow Boxes
How about making some of these pillow boxes to put your soaps in?

Check out this simple Pillow Box Tutorial!

Santo Sabao
Beth Bacchini, owner of Santo Sabao used some heavyweight paper, business card style labels and some colourful yarn to wrap her lovely soaps.

Soaps by Nikki Hoefer
Nikki Hoefer and her mother created these Gorgeously Wrapped Soaps...what can I say other than WOW!

Give this Soap Packaging Tutorial a try!

Beer Soap by A Breath of French Air
Coffee filters, raffia and circular labels turn these round beer soaps by A Breath of French Air into fantastic little parcels.

Nostalgia Organics
Nostalgia Organics has packaged some of their soaps in these ultra-cute cotton bags...and check this out...the labels contain a sewing pattern you can use to re-purpose the bags with.

Come Home Handmade Soap
Come Home Handmade Soap shows here how the very basic of packaging materials can look great.

Naiad Soap Arts
Naiad Soap Arts always packages her soaps so wonderfully. Pretty labels and flocked fabrics adorn these little beauties.

Naiad Soap Arts
With just a little tule, ribbon and cute hang tags Naiad Soap Arts has once again packaged up some soapy masterpieces.

Vivian In Love
These candy looking cuties where created by Vivian In Love With Soap...a easy idea to implement using parchment paper.

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