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Forgot to add the lye!

Well, it was getting quite late last night and I was finishing up my last batch of soap. I got my water mixture out of the fridge and whisked it into

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Allergic to nuts/coconuts

I'm interested in making my own soap and shampoo bars, but my young son is allergic to all nuts and possibly to coconut. Is there a recipe I can use or

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Bacon fat soap recipe

I am trying to make soap with bacon fat. I know how to clean the fat to make it as pure as possible. I have about 11.6 oz of bacon fat. I am not sure

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Soap Piping Won't Stick

I made 2 soap cakes yesterday. I cut them today. They had set up beautifully and look spectacular but as I was cutting some of the piping lifted. It didn't

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Is this Soda Ash?

Is this soda ash? The photo above is a fresh cut bar with the stuff in question laying on top. I've only been making soap for a short while, about 10-12

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Same soap with two different results

I have a problem with the color of my soap that was poured into two different containers. Some of the cold processed soap was poured into a Pringles chips

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How to create soap recipes

I've been wanting to start a soap making business. The only issue I have is that the only soap base I know is from what I've seen online. I don't want

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My soap feels so weird.

Thanks SO much BTW for fielding questions from ignorant people like me!! I am the only person I know making soap, so I don't know anyone else I can ask!

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Reducing Soap Batch Size

I have tried again using SoapCalc. I want to make my castile batch smaller because sometimes I won't have enough EO or FO for my 2 kg batch. It's my

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Soap Molds and Sodium Lactate

I have made some custom molds for making cold process soaps and I am having inconsistent results. The molds are 1/4-3/8 thick and I have altered my recipe

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Soap will not harden

I live in Mauritius an island in the Indian Ocean. I am very keen to learn soap making though it's quite difficult too get raw material. I will have to

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Coconut Oil Soap Recipe

I have been given a soap recipe that the guy swears by - so I ran it through the soap cal and it comes out differently - here is his recipe: 935 grams

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Very soft oily soap

I am a newbie to soap making. I used 2 pounds of sunflower oil, 1 pound of Olive oil with 6.156 ounces of lye. I converted the lye into grams which was

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How to distinguish a conditioning soap?

I'd like to know how you can simply identify a soap without its packaging if its a conditioning soap or not assuming that the bubble and lather is not

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Using glitter in soap

I am about to experiment with glitter. I make my soaps in silicone molds and what I need to know is - will the glitter soak into the soap like the lavender

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Whipped Shea Butter

Hello-love your website! I have a question about the whipped shea butter recipe. Is it a little runny in the beginning and how long should it sit

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Soap Did Not Gel

I made a lovely batch of Lemongrass soap and it did not cure. I believe it was because I did not have it hot enough. Looking back I should have combined

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Extremely Fast Trace Time

I recently have been hand whisking my lye solution and oil mixture to what seems to be a stable emulsion in under 5 minutes. My conversion to hand whisking

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Butterfly Swirl Soap Recipe

Learn how to create a your own beautiful butterfly swirl soap. Watch the video and follow the simple, step-by-step instructions.

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Questions About Lye

I am new to soap making, and have ordered two pounds of beaded lye. After reading about all the dangers of lye I'm kind of freaking out. I literally

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Hot Process Soap Making Recipe

Hot process soap making: Start making your own soap using the hot process method of soap making. Recipe, easy instructions and a how-to video.

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Rebatching single oil soap

If I make soaps from different fats, in a specific ratio, would I get the same result if I make those same fats into soaps (having) 100% of each fats and

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Soap Scum On My Skin?

I'm a new soaper and would like to know, what can I add to my soap so that when I rinse off, I don't feel like there's a film left on my skin? I've tried

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Yoghurt Swirl Soap Recipe

Try your hand at making a tone on tone swirled soap using this yoghurt swirl soap recipe.

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Taiwan Swirl Soap Recipe Tutorial

Taiwan swirl soap recipe: Step-by-step instructions, recipe and a short video will walk you through this fun soap making technique.

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Store Goats Milk Beeswax Soap

How long can soap be stored if I'm giving them as a Christmas gift? Can they be put into the covers for the bars without the covers getting greasy?

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Pomace Oil vs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

First I wanted to let you know that I popped out the wee olive oil soaps from their rose shaped silicon molds this morning. They are beautiful and the

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Adding Essential Oils

I bit the bullet today and did the soap recipe you checked for me, the one with just goats milk or water, olive oil instead of lard and lye. You are

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Hot Process Soap Recipe - Marbled Mint

Here's a fun hot process soap recipe that's scented with a minty blend of essential oils and would make a great Easter weekend project.

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Soap Has No Lather

The soap I recently made has absolutely no lather. I did a water discount of 34% and superfat of 7%. Added 1.5 Tbsp sodium lactate to the lye and frozen

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