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Why visit a soap making forum? What's your current favourite topic to talk about? Soap making of course!

Like me you probably rattle on about soap to all your family and friends. You say "soap this" and "soap that".

They absent-mindedly nod their heads and say "uh huh".

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Get the feeling they might not be as excited or interested in talking about making homemade soap as you are? Don't be too upset with them. It's not their fault that they haven't caught the addiction!

I've been trying for years to get my kids even remotely interested but no dice. Guess you either have the soap crazy gene or you don't!

That's why it's a great idea to visit a soap making forum or community message board. The people there are nuts about soap....literally! And they all want to talk soap. 

It's a wonderful environment in which to learn and help others. Think of all the brain power there. Soap makers from all over the world sharing information. It's fantastic!

Soap Making

I have put together a list of forums and community message boards that all relate to making homemade soap.

Most often they include topics like candle making, bath and body care, essential oils and fragrance oils, craft fairs, business information and basically anything related to soap making.

Some require that you register before you can read any of the posts while others let you lurk for awhile. Be sure to set up an account at one or more of them and join in on the conversation. 

All are worth visiting for the wealth of information provided there and for the friendly soapy atmosphere.

If you know of a great message board that relates to soap making, I'd love to hear about it. You can email me the site address from the Contact Info page.

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