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Thank goodness for lye calculators!!

Don't get me wrong...I love a challenge just as much as the next person but picking up a pencil and paper to figure out how much lye is needed for a new recipe I want to try isn't my idea of time well spent. Not with the vast array of free calculators on the web begging me to use them. 

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Some not only tell me how much lye I need, but also help me to answer questions like 'Will these oils produce a good lather?' or 'Will this recipe make a conditioning or cleansing bar of soap?'.

This information is valuable to a soap takes some of the trial and error element out of soap making. We have enough of that already!

Lye calculators have become a necessary tool for soap makers. They provide us with the ability to quickly and easily recalculate old recipes or create new ones...all at the click of a button.

Below you will find links to a good selection of these wonderful tools and a few details about each one.

Lye Calculators make soap recipe making much easier.

SoapCalc is a wonderfully detailed lye calculator for liquid and bar soaps. It includes information on soap qualities and fatty acid make-up of oils. 

Measurements are in ounces, grams, pounds and percentages. It also allows you to choose your water and super-fat amounts. Each section of the tool has a click-able number that provides helpful information.

Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild allows you to use sodium and/or potassium hydroxide and will calculate by percentage or weight.

It works in grams, pounds, ounces and also lets you choose your super-fat, lye discount and water amount.

Bramble Berry has a basic calculator for liquid and solid soap making. It works in ounces, grams and percentages. You can super-fat the recipe from 0-10% and it uses a fixed amount of water.

Majestic Mountain Sage measures in ounces, grams and pounds and works for both sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. It has fixed water and super-fat amounts.

Cranberry Lane has a basic beginners calculator for cold process soap making. You can measure in ounces or grams and has fixed water and super-fat amounts.

Suds and Scents is another basic calculator for cold process soap making. Calculates in grams or ounces and has fixed water and super-fat amounts.

Natural Soap Calculator is a basic calculator for cold process soap making. It works in ounces and uses fixed water and superfat amounts.

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