Whipped Soap Topping

by Heather

I have been making soap for a while now but can't seem to get the whipped soap topping look to work.

I've used a plastic bag filled with soap like a cake decorator would design a cake. It turns out great too but when it comes to giving soap a whipped look on top I am stumped.

I swirl it with a spatula and still it falls flat. Any suggestions or tips?



Creating a whipped soap topping look to soap is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it.

The trick is to bring your soap to a good thick trace before pouring in into the soap mold.

Once it's in the soap mold use a spatula or whisk to gently mold the top of the soap. If the soap will not hold it's peaks, leave it in the mold for about 2 - 3 minutes and come back to try again. Keep doing this until it holds it's peaks.

The soap will continue to thicken in the mold and will become more malleable before it hardens up.

The technique I use is to plunge my whisk gently into the top portion of the soap and pull it back out. This creates a really nice whipped soap topping that resembles soft ice cream curls.

Good luck,

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