Whipped soap frosting

by Christine

I would like to decorate my soaps with a whipped frosting. My query is WHEN do I apply the frosting?S Also, since the frosting is cold, can I still apply it to freshly made soap? I know some people apply it after the soap has set, but some say the problem with that is that the frosting might not stick to the soap base. I am also presuming that once the soap is decorated, it does not need to be covered else the design will be ruined. All advice is welcomed. Its my first attempt so the trying to minimise as many mistakes as possible!!! Please help.


I will assume you are asking about cold process soap cupcakes.

For best results, I think it is better to add the frosting to the soap before it is insulated.

Make one batch of soap and divide it into two portions. With the first portion add the base scent you are using and pour them into the cupcake molds. While you are making the frosting the cupcakes should set up somewhat and you can score the tops a bit before adding the frosting. This will result in a better bond between the soap and the frosting.

With the remaining portion, add the scent and colour then whisk until the soap is quite thick. It should easily hold it's shape and form stiff peaks. Put the soap into a piping bag with an icing tip and pipe the soap directly onto the cupcakes.

Cover the soap cupcakes with a box that is high enough to cover the frosting without touching it. Cover with a blanket and insulate for 24 hours or so. Unwrap and cure as normal.


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Frosting Tips
by: Christine (UK)

Thank you for the response Cathy. Can I just aska quetion about spritzing the soap with rubbing alcohol. I have some with a 71% alcohol content. Will this work to prevent soda ash? I did read somewere that it has to be 90%! Does that mean I need to raid my alcohol cabinet? lol

I'm new at this...
by: Shell

Hi, I'm SO new at soap making that I'm starting with m&p. I believe that I can make cupcake soaps. I would like to know how I could make the 'whipped frosting' using m&p. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Insulating your frosting topped cup cakes
by: Ness

We make novelty goatmilk CP soaps (we call them Goatmilk Kids)- our local pet shop gave us some polystyrene boxes with lids that they receive their tropical fish in - the fish are in plastic bags, the bags are then put in the boxes to be transported safely and kept warm. When I pick them up and get them home I line the boxes with fleece, my husband made the legs on cake stands stable so I have several shelves in each box. These are great, they keep the soaps warm and safe from getting damaged - perhaps these would be good for those of you that make cup cakes etc.

Alcohol Spritz
by: laurie

Would it help to spritz the cupcake with alcohol before applying the frosting?


Might as well try it. I don't think it would hurt that's for sure.


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