Waxy feeling soap

by debbie

I made soap using 1lb beeswax, 1lb crisco and 16 oz canola oil, soap set up but feels waxy and hand to use--what did I do wrong


That amount of wax is quite a lot! One third of your recipe is wax and that would be why the soap is waxy feeling and hard to use.

The amount of wax used in a soap recipe is usually up to 10 grams per pound of oil.


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by: Anonymous

Yes Cathy is right, i nearly had a fit when i read that you had used that amount of beeswax and also the cost. When I make a soap with beeswax in it i use 30g beeswax in a 1000g batch.

Beeswax is expensive where i live, i pay $5 for just 100g, so it would cost me $50 for one kilo of beeswax.

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