Wax melts then gets solid again

by Marci
(Salt Lake City)

I have made a foot cream before with shea butter, beeswax, oils, and water that has turned out fairly nice but I'm trying to modify my recipe.

It is doing something I've never seen before - something is causing waxy lumps to form after heating. It melts first, then becomes solid again. I'm using emulsifying wax in the recipe, so not sure if it is that or the beeswax going solid when heated. If I blend it the wax turns into granuals.


First ask yourself these questions.

Is the water heated along with the oils and waxes? If not, is the water the same temperature as the oil/wax mix? Are you blending in the same container that you heated the mixture in? Is the blending device warm or cool to the touch? Is the temperature of the area you are working in too cool?

If anything is introduced to the hot oil/wax/water mixture that is of a cooler temperature than the mixture itself, it will bring down the temperature and could harden the wax up prematurely.


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