Very dry mess

by Sydney
(Memphis TX USA)

I made a recipe of cold pour oatmeal and honey with goats milk. It came out very dry, hard and brittle. I wondered if I can rebatch it using the freezer bags and do you know what maybe I did wrong?


Unfortunately, dry, hard and brittle soap usually means that too much sodium hydroxide was used in a recipe. Most often this is a result of a measuring error while weighing out the ingredients. It's also always a good idea to run your recipe through a lye calculator like SoapCalc to be sure it is correct.

I do not recommend trying to save a batch that is lye heavy like this since you will have no way of knowing how much oil is needed to correct it.


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Very Dry Mess
by: Heavenly Scent Soaps

OH! I agree with Cathy! I would NOT try and rebatch this one!

This happened to me once a few years ago when I first started making CP soap. I looked back at my process and, sure enough, I added too little olive oil (accidentally shorted the amount about about 12 ounces)!

The good news is that now you know what to look for and it will go better the next time around.

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