Using Overrendered Lard

by Sarah
(Two Rivers, WI, USA)

I am very new at soapmaking and rendered my own lard to use in my soap. I overrendered it letting the temperature reach 300 degrees F (it is only supposed to reach 255 degrees F).

It has a darker appearance and smells a bit like burnt bacon. I use my soap to make laundry detergent currently.

Would I be able to use this in my soap pure or mixed with good white lard or should i just throw it away?


If the lard smells like burnt bacon then it will likely smell like that in the finished soap. I'm guessing you probably don't want bacon smelling laundry.

To be honest, I would throw it away. I don't know what the final result would be like if you used it and I would hate to see you throw out good lard to try and save some that is bad.


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