Using fixatives in soap

by Elena
(Toronto, Canada)

First off, AWESOME site you've got here!

My question is.. how much fixative do you use in soap? Say your total EO's are 20ml, how much of that should be a fixative EO? I'm thinking along the lines of orange EO and patchouli EO.



Hi Elena,

Good question! To be honest, I don't worry about how much of a 'fixative' type essential oil I use. I only try to make sure that I do use them.

Patchouli is a great fixative....such a little can go a long way. Let your nose guide you when blending the orange and patchouli oils.

My method would be to start with the orange and add a very small amount of patchouli. Place them in a sealed jar and leave them for a little bit. This allows the scents to blend and gives your nose time to get back to normal.

When your ready, open the jar a gently wave it under your nose while inhaling softly. If the scent is appealing to you then your done, if not add more of what is 'missing'.

Recently, I made a soap using the following scent blend that I really like.

Patchouli 20%
Cinnamon 10%
Rosewood 20%
Sweet Orange 50%

Good luck and happy soaping!

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by: Anonymous

cathy, that blend does sound amazing! i love rosewood, i wouldn't have thought to blend it with orange though.. thanks for your answers!

Amount of Essential Oils used
by: Cathy

Hi Jane,

No, the percentages of essential oils I've listed is not in proportion to either of the options you listed.

Typically 3% - 5% essential oil in proportion to the base oils is used.

So....for a 900 gram batch you would use from 27 grams - 45 grams.

If you use 45 grams of essential oil then you would need the following of each oil.

Patchouli 9 grams (20% of 45 grams)
Cinnamon 4.5 grams (10% of 45 grams)
Rosewood 9 grams (20% of 45 grams)
Sweet Orange 22.5 grams (50% of 45 grams)

Good luck!

by: Jane


I can't wait to try your scent blend. I think the combination would make a wonderful fragrance. I haven't been making soap very long, so I just want to be sure about this. Are your percentages of the essential oils in proportion to the fats only or are they in proportion to the fats and lye water?


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