Using Baby Oil

by Pam
(Torrance, Calif.) there a way to add this recipe to the lye calculator, to adjust to 1 lb. or just double check the numbers, maybe add some caster oil for bubbles....I don't have a calculator that shows baby oil on it., So in that regards...the recipe mixes the baby oil & baby powder together and adds them at you think this will work?

5 oz. Coconut Oil
20 oz. Olive Oil
1 oz..Beeswax
10 oz. Lard
2 oz. Baby Oil
1/2 cup Baby Powder
10 oz. Water
5 oz. Lye
Directions are: A quite hard, but extremely creamy bar that is completely feminine in scent. Yields about 3 pounds.

Thanks so much for your input...


Baby oil is made up of mineral oil which apparently does not saponify so you will not find it on a lye calculator. The mineral oil will remain as a free oil in the final soap.

I ran it through SoapCalc and it comes out with a 2% lye discount (add the 5% from the mineral oil and you get 7%) with the water at 30 as percent of oils.

Looks like it will be a really hard bar since it has 3% beeswax.

You could pump up the bubbles with a small amount of castor oil (about 5%) instead of some of the olive oil.

Good luck,

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