Soy bean oil and Canola Oil

by Rose
(Salt Lake City - Utah)

Is it possible make soaps with soy bean and canola oil?

I would like to make soaps and I would like to try to find a subsitiute for pure olive oil, or use less olive oil and more soy bean and canola oil.

If it's possible, I don't know the amount of soy bean oil and canola oil to use.

I really don't want my soaps to loose the high quality.

Could you please, help me?


I haven't actually made soap using soy oil or canola oil.

My suggestion would be to replace a portion of the olive oil with some soy and canola oil and see what happens.

Experimentation is a huge part of the soap making process. Exploring, learning and discovering what works for you is what makes the experience so enjoyable.

Be sure to take lots of notes about what you have used and what the results are so that if you create a recipe you love, you will be able to duplicate it.

Don't forget that if you replace any oil in a recipe, you must run the recipe through a lye calculator.

Good luck,

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