Olive Oil Soap Recipe

This olive oil soap recipe is a great choice for someone with sensitive skin. Calendula, chamomile and oatmeal have been incorporated into the soap bar for their healing and soothing properties. 

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Traditionally Castile soap contains only olive oil for its base but since I like more lather, I have incorporated a small amount of coconut and palm oil.

This helps to cut the 'slimy' feeling lather that a 100% olive oil soap tends to have.

You can easily make this recipe palm free by simply replacing the palm oil with shea butter, cocoa butter, lard, tallow or mango butter.

Be sure to run the recipe through a lye calculator after making any changes in order to obtain the correct calculation of lye needed.

Olive Oil Soap Recipe

Olive Oil Soap Recipe Ingredients

Coconut Oil  -  180 gr.  |  6.35 oz.  |  20%

Infused Olive Oil  -  540 gr.  |  19.05 oz.  |  60%

Palm Oil**  -  180 gr.  |  6.35 oz.  |  20%

Distilled Water  -  326.07 gr.  |  11.5 oz.  

Lye  -  121.1 gr.  |  4.27 oz.

Water as % of Oils = 36.23

Super Fat/Discount = 8%

Optional Additives

Honey  -  1 tsp. (5 ml)

Finely Ground Oats  -  1/4 Cup (60 ml)

Calendula Flower Petals (ground finely)  -  1 Tbsp. (15 ml)

Olive Oil Soap Recipe Instructions

Step One

Make an infusion with olive oil, calendula and chamomile. I did the following to make mine.

Place 1 cup of dried calendula and 1 cup of dried chamomile in a crock pot and cover with about 3 - 4 cups of olive oil. Place the crock pot on low for an hour and then turn off. Leave covered overnight. Strain out the herb through a coffee filter. 

Step Two

Begin by making the homemade soap recipe following the instructions on the 'How to make soap' page.

If you do not have enough infused olive oil for the recipe, just add plain olive oil to the infused oil until you have 540 grams. 

Once the soap reaches a thin trace, add the ground oatmeal, ground calendula and honey and mix until a medium trace is reached.

Pour the soap into the soap mould and insulate as you would normally. The soap should cure for 4 - 6 weeks before use.

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