Soap curing rack design question

by adrienne H
(Minneapolis, MN -USA)

I really want to make this. However, there's no pic of the side view, and I'm trying to imagine what guides each tray layer back straight into the unit, since the sides are open (I think), and the trays rest on top of the metal railing, and don't slide through them. Would you mind explaining?

Thank you,



The shelving unit is a standard pine build it yourself storage shelf that can be found at most hardware stores.

Metal railings have been added in between the shelves to provide more levels of storage.

The wooden racks are about 1/8 inch smaller than the front opening of the shelf so the slide in quite well. The are also as deep as the unit so will not slide out the openings in the side.

There's really nothing complex about the shelf at all. It's all really basic. Nothing actually guides the just slide the shelf tray back guiding it as you go.


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