Soap boxes

by Leola
(Int Falls Mn)

Love the little soap boxes on your site , was wondering if the maker would be kind enough to share how they are made?

They are unique and very beautiful, I would like to be able to make them for my own soaps.


I'm sorry Leola but I'm not sure which boxes you are referring to.

Do you mean the soaps wrapped in decorative paper with paper flowers on them by Nikki Hoefer on the "Soap Packaging Ideas" page?

If so, I don't have a tutorial for them but if you do a little fiddling with some paper (about half a regular sheet) it's not that hard to replicate.

Start with plain paper so you don't waste any of the good stuff.

Place the soap bar centered on the paper (lengthwise) but even with the top edge. Make the angle folds on each size of the soap bar and fold the paper over the top of the soap. Then close up the bottom and fix on a decorative flower.

It takes a couple of tries but it's not too difficult.

Good luck,

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