Skipping Gel Phase

by Zikhona
(South Africa)

I have a question about Gel phase. I have concluded that I prefer the appearance of 'ungeled' cold processed soap vs gelled.

I have read that it is possible to skip gel phase buy putting the soap mould in the fridge or freezer. I would like to know if I could skip it just by leaving the soap uncovered/unwrapped, and leaving it in room temperature as I dont have enough fridge/freezer space?

I do cover it with a cling wrap though to try and minimize soda ash. Would I have to remove this wrap as well?

Thank you for the information.

South Africa


I don't think that leaving the soap open will be enough to stop the gel phase.

The saponifaction process generates heat and that heat is what sends the soap into the gel phase.

By placing the soap into the fridge or freezer you are forcing the temperature down and this is what I believe will help stop the gel phase from occuring.

Good luck,

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