Shea Butter graininess

by Jolyn
(Riverton, UT)

I tried a whipped body cream recipe that contained shea butter and coconut oil but the shea butter grains never whipped out. The recipe said to whip for 7 - 9 minutes but no matter how long I whipped the beads were still there.

The cream isn't smooth or pleasant to use because you have to work the beads into the skin. Is there a method to using shea butter in whipped recipes that eliminates the graininess?


It sounds like the shea butter was grainy before you started making the whipped body cream.

During the transportation of the shea butter it can melt and solidify many times and this can lead to a grainy butter.

To remove the grains from the butter, melt it completely and while it cools give it a stir every now and then until it becomes thick and creamy.

To fix the whipped butter you have made, try melting it and then placing it in your mix master. As the mix cools, give it a gentle whirl every now and again. Once it shows signs of solidifying, turn the mixer on low and whip uptil the mixture becomes nice and fluffy.


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Grainy shea butter
by: Tanya Gioia

Thanks for post. Does heating Shea butter harm it in any way? or lessen properties?

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