Recipe for soap for ezcema

by Jodi
(Sumner, IA USA)

Would like a recipe that would help soothe granddaughter's ezcema and rash she gets when she comes to Gma' house.

We live in the country, she loves coming here and being outside, but breaks out terrible from the animals and pollens.


Soap unfortunately won't soothe her rash but you should definitely use one that will not further irritate her sensitive skin.

I would suggest something that is low in coconut and palm oil and high in olive oil. Avoid all colorants and fragrance/essential oils as well.

I've not tried the following recipe but it is very similar to my olive oil bar and should work quite well.

Coconut oil 20%
Shea butter 20%
Olive oil 50%
Rice bran oil 10%

To soothe her skin, I've heard that straight shea butter is great for eczema. Try the whipped shea butter recipe but omit the scents and color.

Good luck,

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Shea /latex allergy
by: Carolyn

Best to do a test patch with the shea. Shea can be very dangerous for someone that is latex allergic. I stay away from shea and use mango butter as a replacement. I have had severe eczema for 60 yrs with a severe latex allergy.

by: Anonymous

I have used straight shea butter (refined) on my young nephew's ezcema and it was very soothing for him. Goats milk in a soap may also help a soap be non-irritating :)

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