by Laurie
(Stratford, CT)

Hi, I am a complete newbie. My first batch did not trace completely-it is hard on top and soft everywhere else.

It has been a week and painfully obvious it is not going to get better. I am trying to save it using the crock pot method, but I am not getting liquid.

I have a goopy, tapiocia, cream colored mess. Can this be saved or trashed? How long should the crock pot take?

Thanks, Laurie Hanley


Rebatched soap does look like thick goopy mashed potatoes. It doesn't have the nice fluid texture like it had when you first mixed it to a trace.

Rebatching can help to fix botched soap but you have to know exactly what you did wrong in the first place.

Often that is not the case. If an ingredient has been mismeasured during the soap making process, it is likely that the soap maker isn't aware of it...otherwise they would correct it right then and there!

Mostly it's a guessing game when a batch of soap goes wrong and often it will be hard to repair.

If it is simply a case of not tracing the soap, then cooking it using the rebatch method should fix the problem. Just remember that the soap will not have the same look as CP soap. Rebatched soap looks like HP soap...a little rougher in texture due to the soap having a less fluid pour into the soap mold.

Using the crockpot method, the soap is ready once it has all melted and has a transparent look to it. Then just add any extra scent and pour (spoon) into the soap mold.

Good luck,

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