Real Chocolate Cold Process Soap with zero synthetics

by Lindy
(San Luis Obispo, CA)

What is the highest amount of cocoa butter can I use in a CP recipe before it becomes too soft?

I would love to make a Chocolate soap with zero synthetics. I have heard to use baking chocolate 1oz per pound.

Do you know what I can use to really get that chocolate smell with out using fragrance?

You are awesome!

thank you


Cocoa butter contains lots of stearic and palmitic acid which will produce a really hard bar, not a soft one.

The problem with using lots of cocoa butter in a recipe is that it can accelerate the trace and cause the soap to sieze.

You will need to balance the amount of oils containing stearic and palmitic acids in your recipe to make sure that they don't get too high. Be sure to use the full amount of water as well. This will help reduce the chance of the soap siezing.

You certainly can add chocolate to the soap. One ounce per pound of oils might cause the soap bubbles to be brown so you may want to reduce that amount.

I sure wish I knew of a way to make a realistic smelling chocolate soap...especially one that was completely all natural. The cocoa butter and chocolate will only do so much and unfortunately the smell doesn't come through very well.


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