Purple Colour from Lye

by Steven Sallese
(Kentwood MI)

I have made several batches of soap before and never had this happen.

My last batch remained a slight purple colour from the dye used in the Lye.

Is this something I mixed incorrectly or has it happened to anyone else before?


I don't believe mixing has anything to do with your soap having a purple tinge.

Lye that is used in soap making should not have any colour in it. I suspect that the lye you have may be formulated for drain cleaning or something similar rather than for soap making. Check your label carefully to see what the lye contains. I strongly suggest purchasing a new container of lye to make your soap with.

Always check the label when purchasing the lye to make sure it does not list any other ingredients.

It should be very white and in the form of small beads or flakes. Most sellers will state if the lye is appropriate for soap making. Food grade lye is perfectly fine to use and non-food grade lye is also available that works very well for soap making.

For a list of suppliers that sell lye, visit my Sodium Hydroxide page.


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