Polishing Soap

by Kaye
(Humble, Texas)

Some of my homemade soaps are very rough looking. I've noticed other peoples soaps are very smooth...and one company claims to hand polish their soap. Do you know how this is done? Also wondering if pouring at a thinner trace, leaving in mold to cure longer than 24 hours might make a difference.


Pouring at a thinner trace, etc will not make for smoother soaps....sorry.

Using a stick blender does add some bubbles to the soap bars but not enough to really worry about.

If you want the soap perfectly smooth then hand stirring is the way to go but reaching a trace will take much, much longer.

Polishing soap is quite easy to do...it's just time consuming.

The following is how I have always done it though I'm sure others polish their soaps in different ways.

Purchase a pair of white cotton gloves from your local drug store. They are quite cheap so get a few pairs.

Wearing your cotton gloves, rub the soap bars edges across the palms of your hands buffing and smoothing any rough spots.

Once the gloves have too much soap residue on them, swap the gloves to the opposite hands...this way you get twice as much buffing out of each pair of gloves.

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Shiny Soap

I saw a video on youtube how to make soap with a shiny finish. Wearing latex gloves dip each soap in cold water and place on parchment paper to dry. I had some soap with a swirl top and used a blow dryer on the cool setting to help remove any water in the grooves. It is amazing how shiny it becomes.

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