Patchouli Lavender soap recipe

by Megan
(Austin, TX)

Hi! I want to use your Patchouli Lavender soap recipe omitting the coloring and grated soap bits (just want a simple soap with these scents). Is it ok to just leave them out or do these ingredients need to be replaced with something else (extra e/o?)to make up for the weight? Do colorings really even add weight to your soap enough that it has to be accounted for in recipes? Was also wondering why you don't use any preservatives or Orris Root powder in this recipe because you do to most of your others.

Thank you so very much!


I no longer use preservatives in my soaps since I feel the expense outweighs the need for the soap to last that long. Even without a preservative the soaps seem to last a very long time (well over a year and sometimes 2 years) when they are stored properly. You could add a teaspoon of orris root to fix the scent if you like.

The grated soap is part of the optional ingredients list. Nothing in that list needs to be added if you do not want to. You will still have perfectly useful soap without them.

The base ingredients have 900 grams of oil so the batch will make about 2.5 lbs. of soap without the bits.


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