by Michelle

Is Optiphen good to use when making lotions?

I have been reading that when using Ewax the Optiphen breaks down the lotion.

Should I use more Ewax in my lotion so it stays togther?

I really don't want to return the Optiphen.....

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The Body Mousse recipe on my Bath and Body page uses optiphen and Incroquat Behenyl TMS-50, an emusifying conditioner that leaves a soft powdery feel to the skin when used in lotions.

It is important to add the Optiphen after the emulsification stage is complete and the mousse's temperature has gone below 140 degrees or the Optiphen can destabilize the emulsion.

I've also read some recommendations to use the Optiphen once the emulsion temperature is below 100 degrees but you will have to experiment with your recipe to see what works for you.

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Optiphen breaks emulsion
by: Erica

I have had my optiphen break up my EWAX lotion emulsion several times. I'll be finding another preservative to work with my EWax. :(

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