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by deb


I have just started making M&P soap. I made some Shea and it's ok soap but it doesn't suds very well. How can I make it suds more.


Melt and pour soap should suds very well and should not require anything to be done to make it 'sudsier'.

Start with what you added to the soap. If you added too much in the way of extra oils, scent or creams, etc. you can drastically reduce the lathering ability of the soap base.

If that is not the problem then I suggest trying another brand of soap base and comparing them.

One trick I use to get a really great lather out of any soap is to use wash mitts or a bath 'poof'. These simple washing tools allow you to use a minimal amout of soap and have a huge amount of lather.


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and what about
by: fireworks

overheating your MP soap before pouring? It can badly affect the lather.

M&P Soap (No Suds)
by: Heavenly Scent Soaps


I use SFIC melt and pour base. It lathers really well. I don't use any other additives except for fragrance and colorant.

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