Mixing rebatched shreds into CP soap batter

by jer

I have visited this subject quite a while ago but would like to get an update from members with any new comments..

I have a lot of rebatch soap shreds and want to rebatch them with a new batch of soap using the CP method. Has anyone had success doing this? I have rebatched just plain soap shreds in the past with good success but hate the confetti look and working with the gooey mess trying to get it into a mold; however I have heard that by incorporating gelled or wet shreds into a new batch of CP soap oils then heating it to where the shreds will melt and then further stick blend them tell blended with the new hot oils, then add the appropriate lye/water amounts calc’ed on just the new oils and stick blend to trace and pour this into my mold. Any help here would be appreciated…I have about 10 pounds of rebatched shreds to work through.

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Rebatch tip
by: Anonymous

This isn't exactly an answer, but i think it's a good tip.Im a newby to soap but i shredded a bar of soap and put it in a freezer bag with a little water. Simmered in water simmerein in a pan until soft, the good thing is that you can sqish it up really good in the bag, and its easy to mix in color, oats etc with the bag sqish method. Then i dropped it back in the water to be sure its soft enough, then cut a hole on the bag and piped it into the mold. It worked great.

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