Mica and oxide color

by Tamika

I was wondering what can you pre-mix the micas and oxides with prior to adding them to the thinly traced soap and how much if mixed with something else?


I always mix my oxides into my micas. I tend to use four base colours of mica...white (especially white), green, emerald and ruby. I then will add ultramarines and oxides to make specific colours.

If making a purple colour, I will mix the ruby mica with a small amount of ultramarine blue and a bit of white mica. Using the back of a spoon, I will mix, mix and mix some more until the colorants are the shade I want and have no lumps. The mica seams to keep the oxides from clumping.

Turquoise would be white mica, ultramarine blue and hydrated chromium green oxide.

You must be sure to properly mix the powders and not leave any clumps or there will be clumps in the final soaps.

It's actually lots of fun mixing the colours....I keep little jars (baby food jars work well) of pre-mixed colours around for when I want them. I also keep notes on how much of each type of colour I use so that I can repeat my favorites.

When it's time to colour a soap base I simply add these pre-mixed colours to the soap when it reaches a thin trace and stick blend it in really well.

Hope that helps,

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by: Shanell

Hi Cathy
how much oil or water to pigments for coloring cold process soap? (ratio)


Just enough to make a liquidy paste. You don't need much. Be sure that all lumps are out before adding to the soap base.

I actually use mica's blended with oxides and just put them in dry after having blended them together but if you aren't very careful you can end up with lumps.


What to mix colours with?
by: Bubbles

Hi Cathy.

What is best to mix the colours with, oils or water??
I am just starting out in soap making, and dont want to ruin my new colours. I know some dont like water, but not sure which ones!

SO much to learn, I really do need to make notes and keep them in one place!



You're right some like to be mixed with water and some with oils but you will have to determine what type of colourants you have in order to find your answer.

Powdered dyes and water soluble titanium dioxide are mixed with water.

Oxides and ultramarines can be mixed with oils or like I do and mix them with white mica powder. For some reason the mica stops clumping and makes it so the mix can be added dry to the soap base. You do have to mix the mica and the oxides/ultramarines together very well, using the back of a spoon to 'smoosh' the mix together.


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