Lye Water Ratio's

by Vanessa

Hi Cathy,

I've tried ever so hard to understand the SoapCalc calculator and the more I try the more confused I get. I have several recipes that I want to substitute olive oil for palm oil but make sure the lye/water ratio is correct. I would like to make up a recipe of my own but want to know how much lye/water to use.

Water:Lye Ratio in SoapCalc has the cursor flashing as if I need to input a figure (?) but this is what I want the SoapCalc to tell me!!!

Suds'n'Scents calculator worked fine but I want to check to make sure, plus the SoapCalc gives you so much more.

How do I use the SoapCalc please?????



SoapCalc has an instruction page you can seems quite detailed. You can also click on the numbers on the calculator page. Each number will open a pop up that describes what that section does and how to use it.

Have fun experimenting,

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