Love the Room Temperature Method

by Laura
(Springfield, MA)

Hi: I don't have a question, but wanted to talk about two batches of soap I recently made using your room temperature method.

I made the Goat Milk Homemade soap. I added honey to one batch and decided to not gel because of the goat milk and honey. It looks great, but when I tried cutting into bars, it was very sticky. I am letting it rest for a couple of days and will try again. The soap lathers wonderfully (soap that stuck to cutter) and smells great (I scented with honey, milk and oatmeal scent and added Titanium Dioxide to part of the batch. I am confident I will be able to cut again with no problem, it definitely is soap.

The second batch I did not refrigerate and allowed it to gel. The soap is a tad bit darker, but not much. I scented it with sandalwood and added a mica color. It came out great! No problem unmolding and cutting. I absolutely love your room temperature soap making method. This was my 3rd batch.

Laura, Springfield, MA


I have to admit that I am a wee bit fond of the Room Temperature Method as well!

Soap that does not gel does take a few days longer to harden up since the saponification process is taking quite a bit longer to complete. Once it has cured, it will be just as hard as a gelled soap.

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with everyone. Both of your batches sound just lovely. Feel free to send me pictures of the soaps you made and I can add them to this page.

Happy Soaping!

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room temp goat milk soap
by: Anonymous

At what point did you add the goat milk, with the water or after the fats or melted?

Room Temperature Method
by: Michelle

I just want to say I've tried with the room temperature method.. and i have to say i love waiting around and checking temps of lye and oils.. successfully made a batch and will be using this method again :)

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