Liquid Soap Scenting

by Carrie

Do I need to scent my liquid soap right away, or can I scent it after it is sperated into smaller containers?


I'm afraid I don't make liquid soap. Cold process and room temperature soap making are my specialty.

I do happen to have a book on it though! Catherine Failor's book "Making Natural Liquid Soap" states the following on page 30:
"The ideal time for adding dye and fragrance to the soap is immediately after dilution and neutralization, while the soap is still near the boiling point. Fragrances won't disperse in cold soap; they'll just float as a greasy layer on the soap's surface."
She then goes on to explain about the difference in adding essential and fragrance oils and about adding dyes. I strongly suggest getting her book if you are going to make liquid soaps. It is full of useful information and has lots of recipes.


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