Lavander buds and palm oil problem

by Lili

I have another two questions.

First, I made cold process soap with lavander buds, but I blended them in with a hand blender by mistake, and my soap turned green. So I am wondering, will my next cold process soap turn green even if I just put lavander buds inside?

Second, is it possible that palm oil in hot process while cooking gets weird smell at the end (like some food smell) that even essential oils can not overpower? I have put cocoa at the end to get brown color.


Unblended lavender buds will not make the soap turn green but the buds will, over time, turn brown/black in the soap. There is no way to stop this unfortunately.

Not sure why you would have a weird food smell with palm oil. I haven't encountered that...with lard I have but not palm. Perhaps the oils have overheated?


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by: Lili

First, thank You for answering all questions!

Yes, maybe I overheated oils..I have made more hot process batches with palm oil and something like that has never happened again..I thought that it is maybe because of cocoa and hot oils combination in hot process.

Pdor of Palm oil
by: Yeshimabett

Palm oil has its own natural strong odor when heated - especially if it is the yellow Palm. Having relatives from Sierra Leone, who cooks mainly with Palm has taught me that.

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