HP and colorants

by Jami

I typically only use the hot process method of soap making and have used micas, cocoa, and cinnamon to get a swirl of color into my soaps.

I am wondering if I added a colourant at light trace, would it negatively affect the soap?

I was hoping to achieve more of a solid color while using HP. Thoughts?


You can definitely add a colourant during the early stages of hot process soap making!

This is especially useful when wanting to create a soap that is one solid even colour.

You have several options for when to add the colour.

In the lye water, infused into one of the liquid oils, or at a light trace as you mentioned in your question.

All of these methods will work and which one you choose will be determined by what type of colourant you are using and what effect you are going for.

Micas, cocoa and cinnamon all would work best if added at a light trace.

Happy Soaping!

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Thank you!!
by: Jami

Great information, and I really appreciate your time! I can't wait to try this!

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