How to use pH meter for measuring pH of cold processed soap?

by Mirka

I bought a pH meter (Senz Pal) as I felt pH strips were giving far too vague results, but now I'm wondering how exactly I'm supposed to use it for measuring the pH of cold processed soap. Should I mix soap shavings to tiny amount of water or just press the sensor against the solid soap?

The instruction manual says that the meter should not be used for measuring creams or gels. This means that the cold processed soap-water mix should be really thin, and then again the pH of the water might skew the results. What would you recommend? I might be too pedantic here, but just trying to work out a system that works best for getting reliable readings for cold processed soaps!

Many thanks for your time!


I've never used a pH meter to be honest!! Unfortunately, I don't know anything about using one either.

Hopefully one of our readers will be able to help you out.

Good luck,

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pH test. NEW
by: Anonymous

Make a 1% solution from your soap. 1g soap dissolved in 99g distilled water.
Use digi pH meter to test solution at the same temperature each time.

where can I find a soap making PH Meter in Canada
by: Jinnah

Looking for Soap making PH Meter

I live in Mississauga Canada.


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