How do I add extra ingredients?

by Anonymous

I have a soap recipe that uses honey....friend has given it to me and I made it once. It worked great and now I'm on my second batch.

I would like to add some honeysuckle f.o. and maybe some to this and not sure if it would throw off my soap or how much to use. Any help would be great.


Fragrance oils can be added to the soap batter when it reaches a thin to medium trace. Use up to 5% of the amount of base oils in your recipe. ie. If the recipe calls for 1000 grams of oil in total, you can add up 50 grams of fragrance oil.

Oatmeal can also be added when the soap reaches a thin to medium trace. I grind it in a coffee mill first and then add around 1 tablespoon per pound of oil used in the recipe.

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