Hot process soap still in gel stage

by D.Vestal

My hot processed soap has not set,surface has crusted but when I went to remove from mold realized it was still in gel stage.

Have about 1/4 cup of scrap that is about half to 3/4 set but it is out in the air. Can I cook it more and how?


In order to re-cook it you would probably need to add more liquid to prevent burning. You would be rebatching the soap and more liquid might not be what it needs.

Check your recipe by running it through a lye calculator to see if the amount of liquid you used is correct.

If there is too much liquid then you may have to leave it for longer than normal to harden.

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soap in gel stage
by: D Vestal

Thanks ,I did try to reheat in crockpot with tiny amount of water added seems to have helped a bit,Time will tell

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