Goat Milk Soap Recipe

by Zene Kaye
(South Africa)

I am currently making goat milk soap and I am looking for a nice recipe with the following oils in:

castor oil
palm oil
grapeseed oil
olive oil
sweet almond oil

I used to put only olive oil and goatmilk in my goat milk soap recipe. It came out very nice, but the lather is not much.

I am looking for a nice luxurious, lathering recipe. This is the recipe I created by myself: please give me constructive feed back:

castor oil-200g
palm oil -150g
grapeseed oil-200g
olive oil-250g
sweet almond oil-200g
and goatmilk 375 ml/ grams
and also 127 gram lye.

I used the MMS lye calculator online for the lye measurements.

Thanks for all your help.

Zene Kaye
South Africa



Great job using the lye calculator and getting the correct amount of water and lye. Remember to use the weight measure (grams) and not the volume (mls) measure for the water.

Your recipe might be on the soft side though. You have a lot of soft oils in the recipe and not much in the way of hard oils.

For a bubbly luxurious lather you will need to add one of the following oils: Coconut oil, babassu oil or Palm Kernel oil. (palm oil and palm kernel oil are not the same even though they come from the same plant)

Here is a link to my page describing how I go about making up a soap recipe. Scroll down to the heading "Formulating a Recipe" and read right down to the end of the page.

One thing to keep in mind as well is the nature of olive oil. Even though it is a soft oil and takes longer to saponify and harden, in the end it does produce a good hard soap. Unfortunately, by itself, it produces a very weak, slimy lather. With the addition of a few other oils, you can create a great lather.

Using coconut oil and the oils you have listed, I would suggest a recipe something more along these lines.

Castor oil 15%
Grapeseed 5%
Sweet Almond oil 5%
Coconut oil 25%
Olive oil 25%
Palm oil 25%

If you are unable to obtain coconut, babassu or palm kernel oil then try something like this.

Castor 15%
Sweet Almond 5%
Grapeseed 5%
Olive 40%
Palm oil 35%

It might not be very bubbly but it should have a creamy lather.

Good luck,

PS - I now have a Goats Milk Soap Recipe on my site.

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by: Anonymous

Hello! .. Looking up Goats Milk soap on Google, came across this site! , I have a daughter aged 13, she is a quadraplegic..(cerebral palsy). Not able to walk, although can crawl using one hand! .. She has a skin problem called Psoriasis, , it not curable, but can be controlled, and trying to keep it from spreading over her body is difficult.. A friend of mine mentioned to me that Pure Goat milk soap is excellent for Psoriasis, . But please, . Am rather desperate, . Can anyone tell me if there a shop in South Africa where i can buy this soap... I really will appreciate any help i can get! . Thanking you! ..

Goat's Milk Soap Recipe
by: Cathy

When cold process soap turns into a gel like translucent liquid, it's called the gel phase. This is normal and many people prefer their soaps to gel.

When gelling soap, the idea is to let the soap gel right to the edges of the mold for an even look and then to take the lid/insulation off the soap so that it doesn't get too hot and volcano in the middle.

Your soap should be a creamy white to beige colour after it gels.

I also noticed that you added sugar. Do not add sugar to a milk soap since milk already contains plenty of sugar of it's own. Too much sugar and the soap can overheat even more and burn.

Happy Soaping,

goat milk soap flop
by: Anonymous

HI Cathy, I made a batch of goat milk soap with powered goat milk. Everything went smoothly but when I peaked at it in the mold 2 hrs later it had turned back to liquid in the middle & was very hot. I set it outside for about 20 minutes & it did harden up but it's very dark in the middle. I guess that's cause the goat milk burnt. I'm not sure what went wrong. My batch was 2 lbs with the following ingred.

25% olive oil
20% coconut oil
20% palm oil
15% castor oil
10% babassu oil
10% shea butter
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
42 grams goat milk

I removed only enough water to turn the goat milk to paste & added it chilled at trace.

Thanks for your help

Too much hard oils?
by: Cathy

Palm oil and Palm Kernel oil are very different....both come from the same plant but they do not behave the same in a soap recipe.

Visit the page on Fats and Oils to see information on formulating a soap recipe and for links to descriptions of the various oils.

Palm kernel oil is very similar to coconut oil but palm oil is more like shea butter, lard, etc.


too much hard oils?
by: Anonymous

I thought in a another post you said to use less than 30% babassu, coconut, & palm oils combine?

Goat's Milk Soap Recipe
by: Cathy

The Basic Homemade Soap recipe would be a good one to use for a goat's milk soap.

It uses the ingredients you have listed and is an easy one to make.

As I've said in previous comments, you can replace the full amount of water with either slushy frozen goat's milk or use the method I prefer...use just over half the amount of water to dissolve the lye in and make the soap to the point of reaching a very thin trace and then add the remaining amount of liquid....in this case the goat's milk.

You can add goat's milk powder to the liquid goat's milk if you want to have a full goat's milk soap bar.

You will also want to re-calculate the recipe with only a 5% lye discount rather than the 8% the recipe calls for. Goat's milk has a fair amount of fat in it already that the recipe doesn't account for.

Have fun,

goat milk soap recipe
by: Kriszti

Hello! I live in Hungary, and on the Internet I found your site. I would like to make goat's milk soap, using the base oils (coconut, palm, olive). Could you send me a good recipe?
I really like your site, I found lots of useful information about it.
I hope you segíteni.E-mail address: mtina@gportal.hu here to send us the recipe. Thank you very much!
Sincerely, Kristina

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