Goat milk and Honey Soap Crumbled

I made a batch of goat milk and honey soap that looks beautiful but is crumbly when I try to cut it.

Using Soap calc my ingredients were the following:
Liquid: 7.16 oz, 202.90 g
NAOH: 4.5 oz, 127.54 g
Oils: 32 oz, 907.18 g
I used no fragrance or color additives.

My liquid I broke into a 15% honey ratio, so 30.4 g honey
And a total of 172.5g goat milk which I pulled out 30 g to dissolve the honey in. The base amount of 142.5 g of milk started out frozen for mixing the lye.

So...lye mixed with frozen milk, in an ice bath. Let sit to 80 degrees F

Fats: 16oz lard, 11.2 oz beef tallow and 4.8 oz coconut oil 75 degree

Melted and brought down to about 90 degrees.

Mixed lye into fat, and after well blended added honey/milk

Then poured into a mold at trace and set the mold into an ice bath for 4-5 hrs

Removed from ice bath and sat uncovered and uninsulated overnight in a room that probably was about 60 degrees.

It's not been quite 24 hrs an the soap is a beautiful light tan color. But it CRUMBLES when I try to cut it! :-(

Should I not have done the ice bath since I mixed them at 80? All I can think is that it cooled too fast. Or is there too much beef tallow? I know it makes a harder soap, but I wasn't expecting crumbly.

Thoughts? Thank you!

Soap calc qualities:
Hardness 53
Cleansing 13
Conditioning 42
Bubbly: 13
Creamy: 40
Iodine: 46
INS: 160


From the looks of your recipe, you used entirely hard oils rather than a blend of soft and hard.

Hard solid oils are high in stearic and palmitic acids which give your bars strength and hardness. Too much of these oils will result in a hard crumbly soap.

Next time try to incorporate some liquid oils into your recipe. A good starting point to experiment would be 40% liquid oils to 60% hard oils.

Good luck,

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Problem fixed
by: Sarah

I definitely had not used enough liquid! This go around I used a full 38% liquid, I took into account the fat from the goat milk into the super fat, and I was careful to make sure I stirred until full trace. I suspect I was at a false trace last time.

So far the soap has a much better texture and isn't crumbling!

Thank you!

Goat Milk and Honey Soap Crumbled
by: Anonymous

I often make a soap with 100% hard oils, but don't water discount, use the full water, 38% water to oils and check your superfat.

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