Fabric Softeners

by Debbie P

Do you have a recipe for both, liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets? I've been searching for 2 days for a recipe for this that is actually home made. Ive read the following recipes:

Vinegar/hair conditioner/baking soda
Hang the clothes on the line
Take out of the dryer while clothes are damp
Some kind of spiky ball
Aluminum Foil
use Downy at half strength
soak clothes in downy
use dryer sheets over and over
spray a coffee filter with Pam and your favorite cologne

I'm actually looking for a recipe that won't blow my appliances up (partially joking) and that I can actually make at home....or at least buy the ingredients "somewhere" and make it at home. The hair conditioner recipe sounds reasonable because it has some of the same ingredients that store bought fabric softeners have. I'm assuming that this would both soften your clothes and prevent static cling..."but" I want to make it myself.....I have no idea where to buy the ingredients. The Pam sprayed dryer sheet sounds like it would work......at least 1 time!! LOL Any ideas??

BTW, I love LOVE your recipes, blogs....the list goes on and on. Thank you so much for taking the time and putting so much effort into this great resource for soapers!!


Thanks Debbie!!! I wish I had a recipe for you but I'm afraid not.....

I simply use my dryer sheets multiple times and I use the "less dry" setting on my dryer. It seems to work great.

I'd be careful with the one using Pam spray and cologne...it might leave greasy stains on your clothes.

Good luck with the search,

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