Essential Oils?

I am absolute begginer in soap making, and I found lots of great ideas and advices on your page.

I have question. Since I live in Country where is impossibile to find all oils that is listed in your recipes,or they are wery expensive, I used soap calc to make new base withowt shea butter.

But I cant find all essential oils that are listed as Optional Additives in your recipes. So I want to know if I can find only 3 E/O instead 5 or 6 do I need to change Base Ingredients in soap recipe.

And do you put all those additives in trace? I am worry that my soap will be too fatty if I put too much essential oils in trace?

Greetings from Croatia!


You do not need to add the same essential oils as I have to my recipes. They are optional and do not require the recipe to be adjusted if other ones are used.

Try to keep the quantity of essential oils to no more than 5% of the amount of base oils used in the recipe. I tend to use about 3-4% or so.

And yes, you add the essential oils at trace.


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