Embedding cp chunks into room temp soap?

by Petra
(Pennsylvania, USA)

I have some unsightly CP soap chunks that are part of an otherwise OK batch - 3 days old - and wonder if I can use these chunks in new room temp soap.

Would I have to put this in with the solid fats and then pour the hot lye over it - or is this generally a bad idea?


Pouring the hot lye over the shredded soap isn't something I have attempted but it is an interesting idea.

If you shredded the soap (cheese grated), it may be small enough to actually melt with the oils and kind of 'disappear' into the new soap.

I'm not sure if this will cause any issues with the saponification process or not. I can't see why it would but as I have never tried it, I cannot say for sure. You will have to experiment.

Normally, I would just shred the soap up and add it to the soap base once it has reached a medium trace. I would also colour the soap base in a shade that would compliment the shredded soap.

Remember that the smaller the soap bits, the lighter in colour that they appear to be.

Lets pretend you tried to make a lavender coloured soap and it turned out a sickly grey (I have managed this on many occasions). Once you shred the soap with the cheese grater, it will appear pale grey and would look quite striking against a charcoal base.

Good luck,

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