Does adding coffee to soap make the soap smell like coffee?

by Pauline Susman
(Knysna, South Africa)

What a pleasure to find this fabulous site - I am learning so much and am pleased at this chance to be able to ask you a specific question.

I have been toying with the idea to make coffee and vanilla scented soap. The coffee part being actual coffee (not the fragrance oil) with added vanilla scented fragrance oil.

Now I was wondering if the 'coffee' smell remains after it has been mixed with the lye or if, perhaps, it results in no fragrance at all.

If I want the smell of coffee to be present in my soap, do I need to add it separately?

Thanks in advance for any advice.



Unfortunately, in my experience, adding coffee (grounds at trace) doesn't really make the soap smell like coffee.

It does add a small bit of scent...everything you add to soap will add some scent...but not enough for you to think "Ah, Coffee!" when you sniff it.

Many people use brewed coffee or espesso instead of water in their soap recipe. I've not tried it that way yet but if I did, I would make a very strong brew. You have to chill the coffee before using it or it may react when you add the lye in.

Other options are using coffee butter and coffee essential oil in your soap to up the scent factor.

Good luck,

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