Discoloration in Goats Milk Soap?

by Mary Ann

I am new to soapmaking and have tried making goats milk soap. As suggested, I froze the goats milk to a slushy consistency before adding the lye. I add the lye slowly, but my goats milk gets a yellowish, french vanilla pudding color, which affects my end product. Is this normal and is there any way to keep the light creamy color?


Adding the goat's milk at the lye stage will always result in a darker coloured soap.

Try using just over half the recommended amount of water to mix the lye into. Reserve the rest of the water in the form of goat's milk fortified with powdered goat's milk (to make it stronger) and blend that mixture (make sure it is at room temp) in at a thin trace. This seems to result in a much lighter coloured soap.

Good luck,

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