Deodorized oils for soap making

by Louise Engelbrecht

I recently bought a goat milk soap that smells like baby powder.

I have read the listing of ingredients, but they don't mention any fragrance has been added.

They specifically stated on the packaging-no fragrance, no colour.

How do they get the slight smell of baby powder in the soap? Someone said they could have deodorised the soap making oils. Or maybe they deodorised the lining of the soap packaging?
When you use the soap the soap doesnt smell like anything.

Can you please shed some light? And if the oils were deodorised where can you buy them?

Thank you


I'm curious myself now...could you post the listing of ingredients on the label here?

A couple of things to note:

Deodorizing of oil means that the oil has gone through a process to remove unpleasant or unwanted odours. It doesn't include the addition of scents.

All ingredients that you use in soap making will have some sort of scent. They are natural products and even if they have been deodorized they will still have a smell.

Fragrance free could mean that the bar is meant to be without scent or it could mean that no un-natural fragrance oils have been added.

Perhaps the combination of ingredients in the soap you bought produced a baby powder like scent.

If the packaging had scent added to it, you probably wouldn't be able to smell the baby powder smell after you had used the soap a couple of times.


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