Decorative tops and soda ash

by Suzanne

Example of soda ash

Example of soda ash

I love all the beautiful tops--thick swirls etc but how do you deal with soda ash? I have always laid plastic wrap directly on the soap but did a thick swirl on the top of my last batch so didn't and my swirls look good except for the soda ash. What do I do to prevent this or correct it once it is already on the soap. Thank you for any help.



There are a couple of things you can do to help with preventing soda ash.

When you are ready to insulate the soap you can spritz the top with rubbing alcohol.

Once the soap has reached a full gel, remove the blankets, etc and allow the excess moisture to evaporate. I like to place a fan pointing at the top of the soap so that the moisture is blown away from the soap and does not condense back on the soap.

And finally...sometimes no matter what you do the soda ash will still be there. I have come to embrace it. In some cases it actually enhances the look of the soap. It also washes off with the first use and does not harm you. Take a look at the photo I have added to this page. I actually like the white contrast that the soda ash adds. Often soda ash on the peaks of the top texture will rub off giving an even more interesting look.


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Steaming Ash
by: Emily

I've found that holding the tops over the steam of my tea kettle helps to take off soda ash. I wave it over the steam for about 10 seconds or so - until I see that the ash is gone and the tops are slightly wet and shiny. Just be careful to use a hot pot holder to protect your hand. The steam gets hot!

Removing Soda Ash
by: Mary Ann

In reference to the soda ash, I have left the ash on some soaps I have sold, but most of the time I wash it off. I use a tooth brush and lightly scrub it off under the faucet with the water running very slowly. This does not damage the decorative tops plus smoothes out some of the rough edges.

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