Creating a Marbled Effect in Soap

by Jennifer
(Boston, MA)

Java Jumpstart

Java Jumpstart

Hi! I love your soaps where you create a marbled effect. Could you explain how you do that? I'm trying to create a similar look and not having as much luck.



Marbling or swirly soap isn't hard but it does take a bit of practice.

To start, you need to decide what type of swirl you want, which will determine the type of soap mold needed.

My Java Jumpstart and Shea Butter Coconut soaps were made in a slab mold so you can see the trail of swirls. My Seagrass soap was made in a log mold and has a different swirl look to it. More free form without pattern.

For both, the technique is the same. Once the soap batter reaches a medium trace pour some or all of the main colour into the soap mold. With the remaining colour(s) pour a thin stream of soap batter over the main colour in a zigzag type pattern.

While pouring, adjust the height of the pour very close to the soap batter and then pour up to a foot above the soap batter. This causes the accent colour to penetrate to varying depths of the base colour thereby creating a marble throughout the whole bar and not just on the top.

Once you have poured all the soap, take your spatula and run it through the soap in a zigzag pattern that drags the accent colours through the base colour. Be careful to not over stir as this will muddy up the colours.

Once the soap has insulated, you can cut the bars. This determines the type of pattern that emerges as well. If you cut through the design, you may get a similar pattern to my Seagrass bars. If you cut to keep the pattern on the face of the bar, you will have a similar pattern to my Java bars.

Good luck and have fun,

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by: Jennifer

Awesome! Thanks. Going to start practicing! :)

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