by Carolyn

I think I have been told that you can use copha instead of coconut oil. is this true & do you just substitute the amount in grams? Would you melt it first?


I did a quick search on Copha and found it is made up of 98% hydrogenated coconut oil and 2% soyabean lethicin.

I would imagine that you could use it just like you would coconut oil but I've never used it myself so I'm not positive of the outcome.

I did read that lecithin can cause the soap batter to thicken making you think the soap has traced when in fact it has not so you will have to be careful with that.

Lecithin also has a SAP value of 110 - 140 whereas coconut oil has a SAP value of 250 - 270 so give yourself a bit of a bigger superfat than normal or you might end up with a slightly lye heavy soap.

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SAP Value
by: Laura

Just found this page:
Copha has the same SAP value as coconut oil. :) Happy soaping!

by: Maria

I've been soaping for over 6 years now and I use Copha quite a bit as it is ready available, my soaps turn out beautifull no different to when I use normal coconut oil. I treat it just the same as using the coconut oil, Happy soaping.

Using Copha
by: kerrie

I use copha a lot, when I am out of coconut oil, and i find no difference. Just use the same amounts as you would for coconut oil,

Copha instead of coconut oil
by: Maggie (australia)

I always use Copha instead of coconut oil and my soap turns out fine.

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