Colour in cp soap

by Anonymous

I have used green clay in my soap. It looked fine at trace and poured well.

I left it in the mold for 24 hours when I took it out it was a yucky brown colour?...I also made a batch using yellow clay same process as a above when I cut the soap it is a very pale yellow on the outside and green on the inside...what did I do wrong?


You didn't do anything wrong...sometimes certain ingredients have different reactions to each other.

With the green clay batch, did you add any scent to it that might have turned the soap a brown colour? Any scents containing vanilla, coconut, or sugar scents will turn the soap brown.

As for the yellow batch. Sometimes the soap will be a different colour on the inside when you cut it. You will most likely find that once the soap has been exposed to the air for awhile it will turn into the yellow like the outside of the batch.

Taking notes is a very important part of developing recipes that work. Soap making can often be surprising (sometimes good and sometimes not so much) and it's a good plan to record what happens so that you can repeat it again or so that you can avoid repeating a disaster in the future.

Good luck,

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by: Jack

I've used green clay for a bunch of batches and they all turned out very nicely (the color anyway). Could it be you're adding too much clay? I found adding x amount of clay at light trace, the color will look lighter in the pot, and darker after the 24 hours.

Green clay
by: Dan Zuluaga

Green clay, include being a facial toner, and soap colorant. I've been using Green Clay in soap mainly for the color.

colour in cp soap
by: jeanine

hi Cathy
thanks for your quick reply, I added Peppermint FO to the green clay batch and Lemon & lavender EO to the yellow batch. I used the same base oils i always use. Coconut Oil,Rice Bran oil Olive Oil & Soyabean oil.
It doesnt look much better this morning. Yellow is still green & green is still brown..Oh Well at least it smells nice.

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