Colour and Scents Choices

by Jager

I'm making my first batch of soap so it will be ready for Christmas prezzies. What would you suggest as basic popular scents and what colour would the soap be? Do I need to add colour?

thank you - Jager


Since scent and colour preferences are so subjective, those are questions only you can answer, Jager.

I have discovered over the years that every person is very unique when it comes to what smells and colours they like.

I would suggest discretely asking the people for whom the soap is intended, what scents and colours they like. Just by visiting their homes you can get a pretty good idea as to the colours (if any) they prefer.

As for basic popular scents....lavender, citrus and vanilla always seem to top the charts but be careful....while there are many who love the scents, there are still people who absolutely can't stand them.

Good luck,

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